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Pies (7 inch tin)

Chicken pot pie ($13)

beef pie ($15)

vegetable pie ($13)

Pierogies ($9/dozen)


roasted garlic and onion

bacon cheddar 

buffalo chicken 

Breakfast pierogies ($10/dozen)

sausage, egg and cheese

pizza pierogies ($12/dozen)

pepperoni and cheese with tomato sauce

soups ($7/16oz)

tomato basil

chicken noodle

vegetable minestrone (vegan)

Broccoli cheddar

Roasted butternut squash (vegan)

chicken bacon corn chowder ($8/16oz)

Cabbage rolls ($10/2 large rolls)

Macaroni and cheese ($11 serves 2-3)

goulash ($11 serves 2-3)

Meat lasagna ($14 serves 2-3)

Scalloped potatoes ($10 serves 3-4)

Prepared meals ($15/individual meal)

1) salmon primavera with rice and broccoli

2) meatloaf with mashed potatoes and seasoned green beans

3) sausage with cheddar pierogies and seasoned green beans

4) chicken parmesan with spaghetti and seasoned vegetables

5) spaghetti and meatballs with broccoli

6) vegetable primavera over penne

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